Drop-in $15.00/class for Full-Time Students
(under 21)

20+ Years of teaching experience, both group and private classes - Feel the difference!

Katrina is a Kripalu Licensed Yoga Therapist, QiGong Therapist, and Licensed Bikram Teacher. All classes provide an excellent opportunity to simply enjoy your practice in a pure Bikram environment, to learn at your own pace. Drop Ins are always welcome!

Bikram Yoga South Shore - Hot Yoga Heals

South Shore - Hot Yoga Heals

The only Yoga sponsored *1971 by the American Medical & Diabetic Associations. Beginner's Bikram method.

RX Yoga as medicine

Recommended dose:

  • As frequently as possible
  • Taken with water
  • On an empty stomach

Common side effects:

  • weight loss
  • increased flexibility and strength
  • increased energy & reduced pain
  • reduced stress

Registered Yoga Therapists Association

  • Prevention 10/15/15

No experience necessary. Just show up. Breathe. Everything else is optional.

Bikram Yoga South Shore is a way for YOU to manage your health and wellness in both mind and body.  Join us for a class and learn how you can stimulate, invigorate and energize every cell, tissue, muscle, joint, bone and organ in your body.  Review the Testimonial Section of the web site to learn how students have improved their health and wellness in a variety of ways by practicing Bikram Yoga 2-4 times a week.
Attend a Class and Practice with Us!

Hi Katrina,
Miss you! I just returned from 10 days in Hong Kong/China and now Charlotte and I are on our way to Denver for a week of Dude Ranch activities - her graduation gift - a wonderful father/daughter celebration! Thanks for being so kind to Charlotte - we had an absolute blast together. I'm going to miss her when she heads off to college in August but hopefully she will join me in class when she comes back for breaks and holidays. Having this yoga as a basis is such a wonderful thing to have as you go through life! Thank you for being so incredibly good to our family and for providing such an amazing bikram experience. You make class fun, exciting, supportive, spiritual, energizing and always with a twist of surprise! Please feel free to use this on your website!

Hope to see you before we head to the Cape for the summer but in the meantime we send peace and love to you and your family!

Charles David Spa Building
222 Webster Street
Hanover MA 02339

Severe Weather?
We try to keep this site current, but power outages and time can sometimes prevent that.
You may always call 781-243-1235 to confirm a class.

Bikram Yoga South Shore invites licensed Bikram teachers to call and discuss opportunities at our new location. Please call Katrina at 781-243-1235.

2009 Readers Choice Award
Best Weight Loss

Yoga is Life Radio
Talking Yoga with Emmy Cleaves

Yoga Alignment
by Rebecca Jordan

This is a therapeutic hatha yoga practiced in a hot room and designed to balance and strengthen all the systems in your body, creating optimal health and preventing the limiting effects of aging.

Concentrate, meditate, and reduce your stress. Feel positive benefits from your first class. Consistent practice will bring a sense of well-being and peace.

Develop strength, flexibility and balance. This yoga is challenging and healing for any fitness level. The practice of yoga is beneficial to you over the course of your entire lifetime.

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