"Questions, please call Katrina" 781-243-1235

Plans for Reopening

Drop-in $15.00/class for Full-Time Students
(under 21)

20+ Years of teaching experience, both group and private classes - Feel the difference!

Katrina is a Kripalu Licensed Yoga Therapist, QiGong Therapist, and Licensed Bikram Teacher. All classes provide an excellent opportunity to simply enjoy your practice in a pure Bikram environment, to learn at your own pace. Drop Ins are always welcome!

Bikram Yoga South Shore - Hot Yoga Heals

South Shore - Hot Yoga Heals

The only Yoga sponsored *1971 by the American Medical & Diabetic Associations. Beginner's Bikram method.


Pre registration necessary. Please call Katrina at 781-243-1235.

Opening date to public will be June 29th.

Questions? Please ask!

We're so thankful for those of you who continued to support the studio during this challenging time. You are the reason we will be able to reopen our doors. THANK YOU!

As Always

  • Our ventilation system is separate from the building's
  • We use HEPA filters
  • We have always been diligent concerning cleanliness and safety

More announcements coming soon!

RX Yoga as medicine

Recommended dose:

  • As frequently as possible
  • Taken with water
  • On an empty stomach

Common side effects:

  • weight loss
  • increased flexibility and strength
  • increased energy & reduced pain
  • reduced stress

Registered Yoga Therapists Association

  • Prevention 10/15/15

No experience necessary. Just show up. Breathe. Everything else is optional.

Bikram Yoga South Shore is a way for YOU to manage your health and wellness in both mind and body.  Join us for a class and learn how you can stimulate, invigorate and energize every cell, tissue, muscle, joint, bone and organ in your body.  Review the Testimonial Section of the web site to learn how students have improved their health and wellness in a variety of ways by practicing Bikram Yoga 2-4 times a week.
Attend a Class and Practice with Us!

  For the past two and a half years, I have consistently and exclusively practiced with Katrina at BYSS. The marriage between her Bikram expertise and unique teaching style have forever imprinted my body, brain, and soul. Progress is guaranteed with regular practice and I am proof of this. As a result of consistent yoga, I have safely omitted my prescribed antidepressant, anti-anxiety, and sleep medication. My body is in its best shape at 41 years old and two children later. Katrina’s passion for and commitment to teaching Bikram to all levels is evident at her studio. She meets students wherever they are in their practice and masterfully steers them to their fullest potential. Katrina’s caring and support extend well beyond the four walls of her heated room. She is a friend as well as a teacher. She has believed in me when I did not believe in myself. She is loyal. Bikram Yoga South Shore is a positive, judgment free place where students can come together to celebrate the benefits of this very special yoga, one practice at a time. Katrina will get you where you want to be; all you have to do is be ready. -ED

Charles David Spa Building
222 Webster Street
Hanover MA 02339

Why me? Because safety & individualized attention are becoming less and less emphasized in many yoga classes, with athletic classes becoming the industry norm.

But yoga students are looking high & low for teachers who can relate to their normal, human bodies!

I am here to serve your variety of muscoloskeletal injuries, biomechanical limitations, and your special needs.

Ultimately you will learn the tools. I am a relatable, emphathetic, expertly skilled, and confident in both of us.

Semi-privates, privates are available upon request. Happy & healthier New Year. Please do feel comfortable to call and chat with any question you may have.

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