Bikram Yoga South Shore - Hot Yoga Heals

South Shore - Hot Yoga Heals

Charles David Spa Building
222 Webster Street
Hanover MA 02339

For Men Only

for men only

Strength, Flexibility and Balance

How much time or money  do you invest in .....

  • Increased Lung Capacity?
  • Colon?
  • Reflux?
  • Spine Flexibility?
  • Brain (the biggest erogenous zone in your body)?

We're cocky about our cardiac care regimen

  • Low Fat Diet?
  • Aerobic Exercise?
  • Tendonitis of shoulder, elbow, wrist?
  • Stress reduction?

What? Us worry? We even do weight training and regular check-ups. We're poster boys for heart health and every conceivable preventative edge, right?

"Wrong!", says heart surgeon Dr G. Lemole, M.D. Many men overlook an additional line of defense. Optimizing lymphatic function is an OPPORTUNITY UNSEIZED. Another great way to take care of our tickers. " The lymph system is the river of life, a river nobody knows."

Bikram Yoga can help you optimize your lymphatic system.

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