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Thank you for hosting a wonderful and welcoming class! I have been to 6 different studios in 4 states over the last several years and my South Shore experience was top of the list. It is clean, FRIENDLY!, well ventilated (poorly ventilated studios seem sadly common and make for a terrible practice) and I still learned how to improve or change pregnancy postures! I will be back at South Shore next time my travels take me your way. I highly recommend the practice AND this studio. Though bikram is a 'beginners' yoga, best to try it out at a studio like South Shore per my comments above...makes it easier to keep coming back! Thanks again for the great experience!

I was amazed how wonderful I felt after my very first class--initially, I thought it was too hot for me, but I felt so wonderful after that class, I simply HAD to return for more. What was so amazing was that I could actually feel my spine energized ,and somehow I could feel the energy flowing through it. I practice some of the postures at home, but nothing compares to Katrina's beautifully disciplined teaching imbued with her supportive and compassionate heart.
A thankful student,

Hi Katrina,
I am so glad I found you and your classes. I'm really enjoying it and I can already see the benefits. My skin is clearer than it has ever been and I feel physically better. I've neglected myself for the last 5 years and I sort of hit bottom. I have always been around 120lbs and in the last few years I've put on 25 pounds, entered menopause and just felt generally depressed. I feel better already, thank you.
Julie L

Very excited to begin my practice again with Katie and great people. The studio is friendly, clean and the teaching is solid and refreshing, no coolaid drinkers here(: thank you Katie

I sought out yoga as a way to relieve the stiffness and constant pain of arthritis. Having an autoimmune disorder, my energy to exercise was very low to say the least and for the first few classes of Bikram I was entirely sure I would pass out...

It seemed so difficult to keep going; yet I found that as I was/am learning to practice the asanas my body was and is responding in amazing ways...

Not very long after my first week, I decided to check my weight as my clothes seemed to be loose suddenly; that was when I realized I had lost eight pounds! That was just the start. It was about five months and thirty-three pounds ago...

Bikram yoga is by no means easy for me. I struggle so hard sometimes. I fall out of positions and worry I am interrupting the more "graceful" students. None have ever complained, and Katy simply says to keep going. No pitying from her; just direction and her complete faith in the ability of Bikram to heal. A belief that I know is real.

I keep going because I am steadily gaining back my strength and flexibility which I had lost over the last years. The discipline of the classes is keeping me on course as I see around me the results of the students who have done this practice with diligence...

Their grace and strength is absolutely inspiring. Katy will move into an asana and just hold it looking like it is the most natural thing in the world and I realize just how far I still have to go and how much work I still have to do. Now, however,I go to fight for my health. I go to fight for my strength. I know if I go, it can only get better and I am very grateful for Katy and her Bikram classes as it is the first thing I have ever had the ability to do for myself to help heal my body. Thanks for your encouragement Katy!

PS.. Love the new studio, so nice :)

Best, Brenda S., Marshfield, MA

After my first Bikram Yoga class I was impressed by the feeling of well being the class gave me. I continued to come back for the benefits I receive. I have better movement of my knees. My breathing is deeper. Even the cartilage of my back has improved. I like the Half Moon and Back Bend the best. I can see and feel the improvement.

Finding the time to work out is challenging for me.

My advice to a first timer is hang in - it's worth the effort.

Joe Fuscaldo - Age 80

I love the practice of Bikram yoga. I first tried when I was 15. I only went to a few classes then but picked it back again this year, I'm 18, and ever since I've been trying to make it to class 3-4 times a week. The many mental and physical benefits are incredible. I have ADD and when I practice regularly I notice that I am able to focus so much better. I find it is easier to get the things done that I normally would put off. I also feel calmer and more relaxed.

Physically, I am much stronger when I practice Bikram. The workout strengthens your core and just about every muscle in your body. I run 7 times a week and sometimes I get severe back pain from running. Since going to Bikram I rarely have any back or muscle pain. I think Bikram is the perfect compliment to any high cardio/physicial sport and I highly recommend it for high school athletes. In addition, I am certain the long-term benefits are just as good as the short-term ones!!

Bikram is addicting it makes your entire body feel strong, yet relaxed. Mentally you become calm and focused, and the stresses of everyday life are much more manageable. My practice has given me a lot more confidence and I know it will help me starting school this fall!

Join our amazing community of friends who gather here daily to learn, laugh, grow & sweat! Enjoy yourself in a warm comfortable space where your voice is heard, your struggles understood, and your efforts continuously celebrated. Come in, make your body smile & have a kick asana time!!! With Smiling Happy Faces, The TEAM at Bikram South Shore.

I have spent the past 30 years progressively learning about and then practicing healthy living. My basic health ethic has been strenuously exercising 7 days a week. For the past 2 years I have been combining Bikram Yoga with my previous routine of weight training & jogging; and have never felt stronger or better.

My daughter found out about Katrina & Kevin's studio, so I got her a 30-day pass for Christmas. She would come home all red-faced & nasty & say it was great--I couldn't figure it out, since I thought yoga was a bunch of women in a room going 'OOOOOM'. Then she convinced me to try it - WOW!!!

I made it through my first class-barely: attempted all the postures, but thought I was going to die at the end of each one. I was so sore after that class, I could hardly tie my tennis shoes to drive home. I was running 5 miles at a clip & then lifting weights for an hour or so. I thought I was in good shape: very humbling. But, by the time I had the routine memorized, my flexibility started to increase (from absolute zero to a little & I was getting stronger in class). Then, by the end of my first year, the back pain was gone. I just got up from my chair one day at work & said to myself: "self - something is different". And that was no more back pain!

Healthwise the class has got to be a top lifetime decision for me. I was impressed from my first class on how supportive, encouraging & friendly everyone was. And the hype is true.

Since I am rather of the "older set" - what I would ask of those of you reading this is to show it to a friend/parent/grand-parent, encourage them to give it a try. Then if they get their physician's ok, just drag them in. Plain & simple. I'll see your happy, smiling faces in class!

Joe Storm

I am an active 35-year-old mother of two small children, ages 5 and 2 who has happily been practicing Bikram yoga for a little over a month. You would no longer know it from looking at me, but I am also a recent breast cancer survivor. I was 32 when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. After enduring a breast biopsy, 2 lumpectomies, an axillary node dissection, 6 months of aggressive chemotherapy, a hospitalization for shingles and viral meningitis, and 6 weeks of daily radiation treatments, my immune system was at its lowpoint and I experienced daily swelling and soreness in my left armpit and shoulder due to the biopsy and removal of lymph nodes. I am still receiving ongoing hormonal therapy and ovarian suppression, which induces menopausal side effects such as hot flashes and migraines.

I was thrilled when acupuncture successfully relieved my migraines, and desperately wanted to find more non-prescription ways to relieve my other side effects and begin detoxing my body and mind--I'd had enough drugs! I sought out yoga, which I'd enjoyed in the past. However, I was discouraged each time I tried to return to my pre-diagnosis vinyasa yoga practice, because the repetitive weight-bearing on my arms (downward dogs, planks, push ups) would trigger the swelling and soreness in my arm.

Not wanting to give up on yoga, I decided to try Bikram and quickly became hooked. From the first class, I realized that it was the perfect series of poses for someone with my medical resume. The sequence does not put strain on arms and shoulders. I love the predictability of doing the same 26 poses each class, knowing that in Bikram I will never have to wear my compression sleeve on my arm and that for the rest of the day my arm will actually feel better. I also like being able to measure my progress, however subtle it may be, from class to class. Other benefits I've enjoyed are that it has been easier for me to fall--and stay--asleep, I have fewer hot flashes, better-looking skin, more patience with myself and my family, and I recently began to feel like I have increased lung capacity when I go jogging.

At my most recent oncologist check-up, my blood pressure was perfect, oxygen was 100%, and best of all my white blood cell count had made its biggest leap since my treatments ended and has almost returned completely to normal. My oncologist is impressed with the speed at which my immune system is finally recovering. I remain cancer-free today, and I feel healthier and more energetic than I have in a long time. I feel that my mind is quieter as well thanks to the relaxation that is built into every Bikram session. Bikram has proven to be the "medicine" I've been seeking and I don't plan on stopping anytime soon! I highly encourage people like me who are recovering from cancer treatments, have had lymph node surgery, are experiencing menopausal symptoms, anxiety, or just need a break from the frenetic pace of parenthood, to give Bikram a try!
anonymous, Cohasset, MA

We were on vacation in MA and found the Southshore Bikram Studio. When we told people we were going, the majority warned us of the VERY STRICT TEACHER.

WELL, we are here to tell you different. We have been practicing in Hawaii for about 1 year. Both of us have disabilities which cause limitations to what we can do and how we can do it.

Katrina not only was like a marshmallow of an instructor compared to what we are used to, Katrina took the time to help us understand why we couldn't do certain postures and how to accommodate our bodies, so that we would get the most of our practice.

We so enjoyed our short time there, [that we] tried to encourage others to experience the practice with the great direction and patience and knowledge of Katrina.

Thank you so much for your time and energy. The tips have helped as we have continued on back home. We also shared with our instructors some of your wisdom.

Much Aloha
the jaywaiian marrs

About one year ago my friend introduced me to Bikram yoga. She encouraged me to try Bikram as a stress reliving strategy (we are both doctors, dealing with lots of stress every day) as well as a wonderful way to maintain muscle strength, balance and flexibility.

It has been almost a year since I started my regular visits at Katrina’s yoga studio and I absolutely love it.

Do it on regular basis, be persistent, do not get discouraged with level of difficulty of some of the poses, follow Katrina’s instructions carefully and I promise you, you will see the same benefits very soon.

Besides all the benefits I mentioned I just discovered something else…

I had many skiing-related knees injury, ended up having a surgery 1.5 ago. However I can’t live without skiing. The first season after surgery I felt out of shape, was tiring easily. This season was a big surprise! 1 year after practicing Bikram yoga on a regular basis I feel like I am in my top performance again-my knees, quads and hamstrings are stronger than ever and I can fully enjoy the sport I love again!

Thank you Katrina!!!!!

Zuzu (Marshfield)

I was an athlete all my life, playing anything I could then sticking with soccer in college. After that it was aerobics, step classes, running, spinning, swimming, always something.

At about 35, after lots of pain, I learned that I had degenerative arthritis in my back, but as athletes we learn to just push through. The pain worsened over time and slowly I had to drop activities - aerobics, step classes, weight classes, etc. I was in some kind of pain all day, couldn't lift anything and took forever to get out of bed in the am!

After more tests for the arthritis and another physical therapy plan, I decided to try Bikram yoga. I knew therapy had a time frame and I wanted something I could do for the long term to be strong and alleviate the pain.

I had always thought that yoga was for skinny actresses who wanted to show that they worked out! I have been in class regularly for the past 4 months and I no longer wake up in pain, I have been able to do more and more of the poses as time goes on and I feel as fit and strong as I used to! If I do have pain, instead of saying I can't go to class, I say that I have to go to class to feel better!

Thanks to Katrina who has been an amazing and knowledgeable teacher, guiding with encouragement, praise, and a push when you need it! -- Erica G., Hingham

Bikram yoga is great for my golf game! I started taking classes after I put my clubs away last Fall. On opening day this year, I played one of my best rounds ever. My swing was more fluid, my concentration and focus far improved. -- CG

As former dancer and gym rat with a recent injury to my left knee and tendonitis in my right elbow, I couldn't continue my normal routine at the gym or take any dance classes because of pain. I decided to heal through Bikram Yoga. I was amazed I could complete a 90 minute class without pain. I continue to heal through this wonderful, challenging and powerful study of Bikram Yoga. I highly recommend taking classes at any stage of your life. I've enjoyed reading the informative Bikram books.
Thank You Katrina --PAL, Scituate MA

THANK YOU KATRINA!!!! Bikram Yoga has changed my everyday life. Before starting Bikram I was overweight with pain in both of my ankles, always tired yet unable to sleep, cranky, suffered from chronic indigestion and a myriad of other annoying problems. I knew I had to do something. I had done the gym thing many times and wasn’t interested in going down that route again. Walking was too boring and I hated running. I’m 49 and I did not want to feel this way the rest of my life. 

While surfing on the web one day, I stumbled upon the Bikram Yoga site and found there was one located nearby. I e-mailed Katrina with tons of questions, which she happily and patiently responded to. She eased my fears of the 105 heat and just told me to come in and not to worry. I apprehensively arrived the next day, and it was the best decision I ever made! After 90 minutes of stretching, balancing and bending I looked like I just emerged from a steam room, drenched with sweat. I was exhausted and exhilarated at the same time! It  was a mental and physical workout, without the pounding to my body. Half of me thought I was crazy to come back, and the other half couldn’t wait to return. 

Well, it’s been 3 months since I first stepped foot in the studio. I have lost 20lbs., all my aches and pains are gone, I no longer need sleep meds, the indigestion is going away, and my skin has never been softer. I feel happier and most important to me, my family says I’m more fun to be around. I’m currently 19 days into a 30 day challenge (30 classes in 30 days), and I feel WONDERFUL. My husband and daughter have also started attending Bikram classes with Katrina, and they are both thrilled with their results. I’m sure you’ll read their story soon! I tell everyone I can to try Bikram. They won’t be sorry.

THANK YOU KATRINA! I couldn’t have done it without your support and guidance. --Barb C., Hingham

A serious fall twenty years ago left my back susceptible to muscle strain.  When my back went into spasm, no measure of physical therapy or prescription medication could manage the pain I suffered.  The condition gradually deteriorated over time until I was living with pin every day of my life attributed to bulging disks at the injury site.

Eventually I began experiencing weakness in my leg and was 2 weeks away from surgery when, at the recommendation of a friend, I arrived at katrina's Bikram studio in desperate search of relief.  After a few weeks of classes at the Bikram studio, I began to notice that my new found flexibility was,in fact, alleviating the pain.  My surgeon cancelled the surgery after finding my leg weakness was gone.

As I continued with Katrina's Bikram classes, my condition progressively improved until, after three short months, I was living my life free from pain.  I had not realized how physically and emotionally overwhelmed I was with the prospect of living the rest of my life in a constant state of pain.  I would recommend Katrina's Bikram studio, without reservation, to anyone deemed fit for the challenge to change their life. --Stephen, Marshfield

After sustaining a shoulder injury and subsequent surgery, I was unable to continue a rigorous daily swimming routine.  As a temporary substitute I began Bikram.  The work-out is unusually complete with emphasis on cardio, stretching and core strengthening; and with minor adjustments I can enjoy the poses without injury to my shoulder.  I have continued attending Bikram and would highly recommend the same to others with or without injuries.  --cb MD

I am writing you this note as a testament to benefits that I have experienced through Bikram yoga and your guidance.  As you know I started practicing at your school in the spring of 2005.  I came to class as regularly as I could-approximately 3 times a week while juggling a busy work schedule.  I truly enjoyed coming to practice and found not only the physical but the psychological benefits second to no other athletic activity.  In late fall, I discovered I was pregnant.  Though I knew yoga would be beneficial to my pregnancy, I was a bit concerned about the heat - I had some how come to look forward to!  I immediately mentioned to my Doctor that I practiced (and to my surprise, so did she!)  and she recommended that I monitor my internal temperature.  She asked me to take a break from class two or three times for the next few classes and to take my temperature.  The concern was that my temperature did not rise above 101 which might be dangerous to the fetus.  I advised you of my pregnancy then monitored my temperature.  It never rose more than one degree!  As my pregnancy progressed, your caring guidance allowed me to continue practicing.  After a few complimentary private sessions to learn the appropriate modifications, I was able to participate in class - comfortable that I was practicing safely yet gaining the much needed benefits to my ever expanding body.  From a physical standpoint, I enjoyed my practice as I felt it allowed me to "normalize" my body as it adjusted to the strain of my growing belly and loosening ligaments.  I often said that it helped turn my "waddle" back to a "walk"!  You constantly watched my progress and were quick to make further modifications as the final weeks of my pregnancy approached.  It was during the last stage of my relatively short labor that I believe on of the most beneficial elements of my practice came into play - the ability to be calm, breathe and focus my body.  I was able to concentrate my energy on pushing from the core and my beautiful son was delivered with only a half hour of pushing.  I was able to return to practice after the required 6 weeks of rest and was happy to be back focusing on me!  --Melissa McCarthy

This is my Bikram Yoga story.  Early last summer a friend asked me if I wanted to try Bikram Yoga.  I had never heard of this kind of yoga and my friend told me that we would be doing yoga in a warm room for 90 minutes.  Having never exercised in my entire life I thought okay, I'll try it.  So off we went and during the standing series I thought am I crazy?!!  But by the end of the class I felt something I have not felt beofe.  A sense of calm and release.  After the class I could not wait to go again!!!  I started going three times a week!  Having never exercised I had amazed my husband that I was fitting Bikram into my schedule.  I read Bikram's book in one hour!  I was so excited about finding this practice that I was telling everyone about it!  I urged my husband to go for a long time.  He finally went, and the next day he awoke with no aches and pain!  Amazing!

Bikram yoga has changed my life.  I listen to Katrina and learn as I practice.  I feel great and I look better.  I have more confidence in myself now, and I am more focused day to day.  My husband now tries to fit Bikram in when he can and although I occasionally miss a few practices myself I still love going.  Bikram yoga will always be a part of my life.

And a special thank you to Katrina.  You have given me the gift of Bikram yoga.  Each class I open this gift not only for myself but for my family.  Thank you so very much for your help and guidance and importantly the encouragement you give each class!! --Cheryl O'Hare

A friend of mine suggested I try "Bikram Yoga", I was hesitant thinking it was just a lot of chanting in a hot room but decided to give it a try.  I walked in the room and the heat hit but I was still arrogant enough to think that this is going to be easy, but everything was about to change.  By the 3rd pose, the heat had evaporated my ego and I would have welcomed some chanting in the "corpse pose".  By the end of class, I felt like I had just completed an extremely challenging full body workout and I was hooked.  What I didn't realize was just how much more I was going to get from it beyond the obvious benefits like increased flexibility, cardio workout, losing weight/body fat.

I had been going to class three times a week for about a month when I had an extremely stressful work week which usually brought on my migraines, so I waited for my migraine to start.  They usually would start in the afternoon and I would become increasingly sensitive to light and noise and by morning after a horrible night, it would have escalated into a full blown migraine, where I was nauseous and only comfortable lying on my side with a cold washcloth on my forehead in the dark.  This would be my reality for the next 2-3 my surprise, this time it didn't happen.  I had a slight headache but it never progressed further and was gone by morning...I thought could it be, the yoga...well after two months of practicing (and that is key, you have to put in the work) I have not experienced a migraine and this is the longest I have ever gone in my life since I was diagnosed a "migraine suffer" 15 years ago. --Torey C.

I have no doubt that my Bikram yoga practice has greatly reduced most of the symptoms of my inflammatory arthritis. Over the past year I have had very swollen and painful joint-in my shoulder, elbor, thumb, ankle and both knees & wrists. Lower back pain would usually spread to include one or both hips over the course of each day. Tears came to my eyes just to walk down the stair or lower myself to a seat.  Over many months, doctors diagnoses included Ankylong Spondylitis, Lyme disease, Rheumatoid arthritis, and a number of other autoimmune diseases that all require serious lifelong medications.  I am not sure if I will ever find out the true cause of my symptoms (which began one Saturday morning without warning or family history).

After seven months of worsening symptoms, I tried my first Bikram class.  I was simply looking for something relatively athletic that I could try.  In my state, I could not run or swim anymore, and I was even having pain during long walks.  I never imagined it would be such a fantastic workout, or would turn out to be one of the keys to regaining my health and sanity.

For the first two months of practice (about 3x a week), I was hurting through every class.  I couldn't do most of the postures and I was the only one contorting my face ridiculously when I tried.  Due to inflammation, my elbow and both knees could not fully bend or fully straighten-it was awful.  But I recognized that once I made it through the class, the rest of my day would be a little less painful.  I increased my practice to 5-6x a week.  My weeks eventually began to consistently have more "good" days than bad.

Over the past few months, I have significantly reduced my meds.  For example, I have not needed my prescription anti-inflammatory at all (that I used to take twice a day every day).  Most days, my pain level is not even enough to take an Advil and I have regained almost full range of motion in my joints.  My back pain is minimal.  Though I have seen many doctors and attempted a variety of different treatment plans, I am positive that this yoga practice has been one of the largest pieces of the puzzle for me. --Alexandra S.

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